TN81 Nial Moores (Birds Korea) Update on Scaly-sided Mergansers

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A conversation with Nial Moores, Director of Birds Korea, on the Endangered Scaly-sided Merganser Mergus squamatus. In winter the ROK/South Korea holds an important proportion of the global population of ‘Scalies’ (which is estimated to be only around 1700 pairs) and Nial had just returned from a survey of suitable rivers looking for them. He found around fifty spread across a small number of sites, and in this podcast talks about the biology of this beautiful river duck, and the threats the species faces.

This podcast has been produced in partnership with Birds Korea to promote the conservation of birds and habitats in Korea and the wider Yellow Sea Eco-region.


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BK headerlogo copy TN009   Nial Moores (Birds Korea) on north/south tensions and the DMZ“Birds Korea is dedicated to the conservation of birds and their habitats in Korea and the wider Yellow Sea Eco-region, working through research, education and public-awareness raising activities, consultation and collaboration, and well-focused advocacy.

BKteal TN009   Nial Moores (Birds Korea) on north/south tensions and the DMZBirds Korea recognizes that wild birds are beautiful and inspirational, and that many wild bird species are excellent bio-indicators of the ecological character of habitats, and of changes to these habitats and to the global environment. Successful conservation of wild birds entails conservation of a wide range of naturally productive habitats and sites, vital to the long-term survival of other biodiversity, including people.”

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Passionate about animal welfare and conservation, veggie and dairy-free, I live in the Wiltshire (UK) countryside. I co-founded Birders Against Wildlife Crime and Birds Korea. Trustee of the League against Cruel Sports On Twitter @charliemoores


  1. Hi Charlie, I really enjoyed this podcast. I tried (unsuccessfully) to find this species on the China/North Korea border, along the Yalu River, in January as part of a trip to northern Liaoning Province. Not the best month, admittedly, as the species tends to move south in winter but local birder, Bai Qingquan, had seen them in December 2011. I don’t know if Nial is in touch with Qingquan but it might be worth making contact as I am sure he has data on sightings in northern China (I can provide contact details if required). Cheers, Terry

  2. Charlie Moores says:

    Hi Terry, thanks for commenting. We REALLY need to get you on Talking Naturally to chat about birding in China and your climate change work. I’ll email soon if that’s okay (struggling with a very heavy cold at the moment…)

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