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In an exclusive podcast made for the World Parrot Trust Charlie Moores is in conversation with conservationist and researcher Dr Sam Williams, who is conducting research into the charismatic Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrot Amazona barbadensis on the Caribbean island of Bonaire. The Yellow-shouldered Amazon is considered Vulnerable to extinction, with just a few thousand remaining world-wide – and of those an estimated 800 are found on Bonaire. Dr Williams’ first experience of wild parrots came in 1994 when he visited Mauritius and the remarkable Echo Parakeet conservation project. He’s been working on Bonaire since 2003, and in 2010 established Echo, an organization dedicated to helping protect Bonaire’s beautiful Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrots.

Advice:This conservation podcast has been produced by Talking Naturally for the World Parrot Trust. It will also soon be available on the World Parrot Trust website.

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Echo Foundation Website:

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World Parrot Trust:

Sam Williams’ Blog on the World Parrot Trust website:

Yellow-shouldered Amazon on World Parrot Trust: ‘Our Work’: Yellow-shouldered Amazon



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