Tristan Reid and the world’s most painful Pied Kingfisher?

My good friend, conservationist, blogger, and all-round good guy, Tristan Reid has added another startlingly large tattoo to his ever-growing ‘tattoos for Turkey’ collection: a cracking Pied Kingfisher. I have no idea really whether or not Tris is merely putting on a brave face when he says his arm ‘hurts a bit’, but by now his stabbed and ink-filled upper arm must surely be VERY painful indeed.

Why’s he doing it? Check the links below, but first admire what I think is a really good job by the tattooist…

Pied Kingfisher Ceryle rudis


Why is he doing this? Because Turkey’s wildlife is in catastrophic danger from an unbelievably bad series of dam and hydro-electric power developments.


And here’s the three tattoos he’s already had done…impressive eh…

roller Tristan Giving my Right Arm Reids tattoosEuropean Roller Coracias garrulus


Tattoo 3 Tristan Giving my Right Arm Reids tattoosRed-fronted Serin Serinus pusillus


Tattoo 4 Tristan Giving my Right Arm Reids tattoosDead Sea Sparrow Passer moabiticus


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  1. Chatterbirds says:

    Those tattoos are really good! I thought they were going to be small illustrations in black and white.

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