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Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo: On a Wing and a Prayer

Excellent Aussie birding/conservation website is giving away five copies of Wildlife filmmaker Leighton de Barros’ new DVD on the Endangered Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoo Calyptorhynchus latirostris, a large parrot endemic to south-western Australia. Habitat fragmentation, loss of nesting hollows, poaching for the pet trade, and loss of native food sources caused by urban development on the Swan coastal plain has resulted in populations of Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoo declining by over 50% in the past 45 years. They no longer breed in up to a third of their former breeding sites in the Wheatbelt.

Interviewed by Alan McBride on Bird-O, Leighton de Barros talks about first seeing Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoo some five years ago and being captivated by a bird he realised he knew little about – little did he know that “only two years later I would embark on an incredible journey to film their entire life cycle“.

The result is a documentary that will be aired in Australia on ABC 1 TV at 8.00 pm on March 13th, and sold as a DVD from ABC Shops everywhere.

Leighton said recently “I am very proud of the film, ‘On a Wing and a Prayer’. It conveys the highs and lows of the people working with these magnificent birds and also the emotion as we follow the small Carnaby’s family as they struggle to survive in the wild. I hope that through watching the documentary many of us think about how we use our land and our resources and the ramifications it has on our wonderful wildlife. I also hope that it inspires people to support the amazing work that a small band of dedicated people are doing to ensure these incredible birds survive and can be enjoyed by future generations.”

If you’d like to win of a free copy of the DVD then have a look at the website for the details.


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