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Easy Ways To Reduce Carbon Footprint

Easy Ways to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Climate change is happening, and it is dangerous for the survival of all species, including us. But this does not mean that we cannot do anything to stop this change. Every person can take small steps to reduce the carbon footprint and live in a more eco-friendly environment.

Reduce Recycle Reuse

The easiest elementary value is still the most effective in sustaining the resources and protecting our environment. If every person is reducing the waste to zero, it can be a giant step towards reducing the carbon footprint. When you are reducing the use of things like plastic, reusing them, and sending them safely to the recycling plants, you have already made a huge contribution to saving the environment. There are also two more R’s added to this method which is Refuse and Rot. Refuse is to avoid any plastic and paper products and simply asking for an alternative like reusable cotton bags. Rot is to set up a compost system of your own to dump food scraps. This compost can be used for making manure for your garden.

Stop eating meat

Another effective way to reduce the carbon footprint is to stop eating meat. This may sound unrealistic, but reducing meat consumption can make a huge difference in the environment. Greenhouse gas emissions from agribusiness are an as big problem as fossil fuels. Red meat can consume 11 times more water and can create five times more emissions. Animal agriculture is one of the major problems of water scarcity that not many people are aware of. Controlling the consumption of meat can sustain more freshwater and help in controlling climate change.

Drive less

Another important way you can reduce the carbon footprint is by using public transport or a bike to nearby places. Do not use your car when you do not have to. Many people have already switched to a bike to commute to work. Many cities have already started investing in infrastructures that make it easy not to own a car. Use more of public transport instead of getting stuck in traffic with your individual cars.

Make a garden

The best way to help reduce the carbon footprint is to plant as many trees as you can. While taking care of trees may be a tough thing to do, you can make a garden in your backyard to grow your own vegetables and green plants. The urban homes can make balcony gardens to keep a healthy exchange of carbon-di-oxide with oxygen between humans and plants. Creating more space for plants, grass, and trees will offer natural cooling to the environment and automatically control climate change. It also prevents the heat island effect, which makes cities hotter than the rural areas due to concrete buildings, pavements, and increased human activities. Planting more trees is the only reliable balance to deal with the growing population in urban areas.

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