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How Does Nature Impact Our Health And Wellbeing?

How Does Nature Impact Our Health and Wellbeing?

According to many researchers, your environment can directly affect your mood and increase or decrease your stress levels. When you are seeing, feeling, touching things around you, your nervous system and the immune system reacts to it. People prefer going out to nature as they feel more positive when they are around trees. Staying indoors for too long can cause anxiety, helplessness, and sadness, which can suppress your immune system. On the other side, staying in nature can have several benefits.

Nature can heal

Nature is a healer in itself. The beautiful sceneries, calming beaches, chilly mountains, and tropical forests can automatically reduce anger, stress, and fear, and automatically increase pleasant feelings. When you are in nature, you feel better on emotional levels which help in reducing your blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension. As the stress hormones slow down, your body feels more active, chilled, and positive. Problems like anxiety and depression will have low or no impact on your mental health.

Nature is soothing

When you start spending more time in nature, your body becomes more capable of coping up with any kind of pain. When you have plants, trees, and running water around you, you get absorbed by nature and get distracted from any painful conditions that you may have. In a study of patients who underwent gallbladder surgery, half were given a view of trees, and half were given a view of the wall. This study under Dr Robert Ulrich revealed that the patients with the view of trees tolerated pain better as compared to the other group. They spent less time in a hospital and healed quicker than the rest.

Nature can restore

Nature is a great tonic for our general wellbeing. The people who spend more time in nature are easily able to change their mood from being depressed and anxious to more calm and balanced. Being in nature becomes a learning period for people who suffer from depression. They can heal psychologically and develop a sense of meaning in their lives. They are also said to develop new perspectives about life.

Nature can connect

Apart from the mental and physical healing properties, nature is said to have a spiritual connection with every living species, including us. The areas that have more trees around have more civilized communities who live peacefully. Many studies have shown that the communities that have more trees in the locality face lower levels of violence and aggression between the people compared to the urban streets where things can heat up easily. One reason for this is when we are around trees, parts of our brain that are associated with empathy and love become more active. Similarly, our brain becomes more anxious and fearful when we are around tall buildings in urban areas.

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