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How To Keep The Earth Clean

How to Keep the Earth Clean

Creating a healthy environment for all living beings shouldn’t have been the duty of human beings. It was, indeed, nature’s way of working without having any external support to survive. However, since the world changes every minute, finding ways to maintain the beauty of everything that surrounds us has become imperative. Maintaining a healthy nature was our duty, but as our deeds have resulted in the gradual degeneration of the planet, a complete reformation is inevitable. Clearing all the debris from the surface of the earth to covering the area with a protective blanket is included in this list of responsibilities. Every human activity has contributed towards the current state of the planet, and only these hands can infuse life back into the mantle.

When elaborating on these aspects of pollution, everything from disposing of plastic bags in the water bodies to spewing large amounts of smoke into the air is considered a trigger to the worst phase. Metals, paper, consumer plastic, derelict fishing gear, vessels, rubber, and many other discarded items float and rest in the marine environment in huge amounts. One of the biggest problems faced by the planet is this debris in the waterways and oceans. Only by contributing personally can pollution be reduced significantly, and this requires each person to mull over their actions that lead to pollution. The waste produced by each person has to be reduced in order to bring a difference, and recycling is the key to making that happen. Here are a few steps everyone can follow to create a new world out there.

Steps to Reduce Pollution

·       Carry a Bag

When you head to a store to purchase groceries or other essentials, make sure you carry a reusable bag. By doing so, the consumption of disposable bags can be reduced, thereby allowing the planet to breathe without any trouble.


·       Buy Reusable Water Bottles

By purchasing reusable water bottles, you are not only saving money in the long run, but it also reduces your use of the single-use plastic.


·       Use Reusable Cups

This is important because the waste produced through disposable cups alone make for around 4% of the total garbage. When you are heading to the café for a morning coffee, try to carry a reusable cup so that the production of waste is controlled.


·       Stop Using Single-Use Products

As a consumer of products, you need to understand the value of having reusable products. Almost everyone uses single-use items quite often, making for an unhealthy environment. Having sustainable products will help in saving nature from being harmed progressively. Avoid using the disposable cutlery and plastic straws during your meals; switch to the practice of bringing your own containers for the purpose.


·       Stop the Use of Products with Microbeads

Several cosmetic products contain plastic microbeads, which are particles that can affect the harmony of the environment when disposed of in massive amounts. Try not to use such products; instead, go for the ones that contain natural scrubbing ingredients like sugar and salt.

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