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Grumpy Old Birder Feature

GOB 50 The Truth about Cats and Dogs

"...It's high time we started to tell the truth

Grumpy Old Birder Feature

GOB 49 Give me my Raptor Today

"...wildlife crime is pernicious, ignorant, and selfish of course,

Grumpy Old Birder Feature

GOB 48 Rose-coloured binoculars

"...the North Kent Marshes are one of our growing

Grumpy Old Birder Feature

GOB 47 This Other Eden

"...closer to my destination are roadside orchards, every tree

2013-12-11 12.39.12

The League at the Welsh Assembly

The League Against Cruel Sports works to end

TN116 ‘The Birds of Ireland’ (book review and podcast)

Published by Irish publishing house The Collins Press,

Grumpy Old Birder Feature

GOB 45 November

"...No sun, no moon - No dawn, no dusk,

Grumpy Old Birder Feature

GOB 44 Squaring the Circle

"...And just in case anyone out there thinks this


TN115 Martin Holm: ‘Music and Migration III’

A conversation with Martin Holm, conservationist, birder, musician, and

Grumpy Old Birder Feature

GOB 43 Weasels Take Over the Wild Wood

"...Even Mr Toad has to be helped across our



Off to Malta, back next week

Next week I'm travelling to Malta with the League

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Kickstarter: Great Chalfield – A Guide to Insects


Kickstarter: Great Chalfield - A Guide to Insects


Back in

birdlife malta

BirdLife Malta: Legality of spring hunting under fire in Malta and Brussels

Ironic, isn't it, that while a trio of birdwatchers


LACS: Hunting Act Under Threat

Press-release from League Against Cruel Sports:


Champions of the Flyway

Champions of the Flyway is a major new international

BAWC Main Logo RGB twitter profile image

Birders Against Wildlife Crime


Birders Against Wildlife Crime

Last night Channel 4 News


RSPCA: Reporting cruelty to animals Q&A

Today is International Animal Rights Day, and to mark


It’s New York: they shoot Snowy Owls, don’t they?

Parts of North America are seeing an enormous


Killing seals: Canada fires up the cow-pie machine

A hard-hitting comment article by Jamie Newlin, a vegan

Elie Mazraanis Photos

Can the slaughter in the Middle East really be stopped?

Prominent hunters from Middle East and Africa sign declaration


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