How We Are Killing the Environment With Our Daily Habits

Habits are reoccurring activities that we practice so often they begin to occur subconsciously. However, these subconscious activities are consciously killing the environment that has been sustaining us. We understand that many of us don't know, but that's why we are here. We will bring to your notice the things you are doing that are destroying the environment.
Now, we are not saying any of these to make you feel bad or hate yourself for killing the earth. We merely want to bring it to your attention because you are 100% not the only one. Many of us don't even know. These practices are things billions of people do every day and are seen as normal and needed. Also, we are not asking you to stop these habits - some of them are necessary. After pointing each out, we will make sure to mention how you can do those things better in a way that's more environment-friendly. So without any other delay, here are some daily habits of ours that are slowly destroying the environment.


We are not saying you should go sell your car and begin to trek just to save the planet. Driving is great - however, the exhaust fumes from cars increase the carbon concentration in the atmosphere and thereby promote global warming. So go for more eco-friendly options like trains, buses, bikes, or cars that use fuel. Or better still, reduce how much you drive. Use better options when...

Relatable Things You Can Do to Keep the Environment Safe

Our environment is being endangered by our activities. From burning fuel to cutting down trees, we are exposing the environment to a lot of harm. That's why we are now experiencing unstable and extreme weather conditions, climate change, global warming, and so on. But in our attempt to battle these environmental problems, they can seem gigantic. Heck, where would you even begin? Well, we have got a few ideas. See, these are simple and easy-to-do solutions to many of the environmental problems we are facing today.

Plant a small tree in your backyard

If you have a backyard, then one good thing you can do to treat our winded environment is to go outside with a shovel and seeds and plant a tree. Asking you to plant a tree in the park might seem too distant. But come on, it's your backyard. It will purify the air around, provide more oxygen, serve as shelter to animals around and prevent erosion.

Take short showers

This also equates to thinking in the shower, singing in the shower, and so on. Anything that involves you leaving the water to run for longer than needed can be cut out.

Collect rainwater in a barrel

You can conserve water even further by making sure rainwater doesn't escape away into the soil. By saving some in a barrel, you can reduce how much you use the one from the tap.

Save towards getting solar power

Yes, it's not...

Major Environmental Issues and Ways To Combat Them

The earth has suffered in our hands for way too long - just too long. We have beaten and struck the environment that sustains us with our beautiful inventions and activities. But among all the impacts we have caused the environment, some issues stand out much more than others.
In fact, these issues are the underlying reasons for tons of other environmental problems. So by solving these major issues, you can stop the effects of some other challenges. In case you still haven't gotten the message, this article is about the major environmental issues we are facing and the ways by which we can combat them.
Loss of Biodiversity
There are different species of plants and animals for a reason. They help maintain the balance of the ecosystem. Without them, we won't have many of the biological resources needed for our survival. Unfortunately, we are seeing the results of losing some biological resources to extinction.
Some plants and animals that help keep the environment in balance have gone extinct or have been threatened; hence we are faced with instability in weather conditions and animal or plant behaviour. Some human activities that cause loss of biodiversity include pollution, the killing of these plants and animals, and habitat destruction.
Climate change is also a reason why we are losing some biospheric properties of the environment needed for our existence.
How to Combat This
Some of the things we can...

Hello Earth Lovers!

Our beautiful environment is crying. We can see her tears and feel her pain through many signs, and we are moved by it. Things like smoke, noise, illegal dumpsites, deforestation, oil spillage, ocean acidification, plastic pollution, and so on scarring the earth at an alarming rate.
This is not only scary for her, but also for her children (the plants and animals). Forget that we will be affected by the results negatively, the biosphere will be the first to be affected. Plant species are dying and going extinct, animals are struggling to survive, and water levels are reducing every day.
What will happen to those fishes underwater? What will happen to the plants? is the home for us earth lovers to talk about how we can solve these environmental problems in our way. We care about the environment, and we will do all it takes to save it as fast as we can, and we need your help to do so.
How You Can Help
We have the list of problems that our environment is facing, we have some of the solutions. Here's where you come in. These are a few things you can do to help us at
You are already here, you have got the first part covered. Congratulations. By checking our green blog, you will be open to a world where we talk about environmental problems and...